Keeping You Protected On The Open Road

RV Rental insurance is a necessary part of renting an RV, but we make this part easy as well. When you rent an RV or Travel Trailer from Open Road RVs, there is an insurance plan for trailers and an insurance plan for motorhomes:

For the trailers, you will be required secure a waiver (correct term is ‘waiver of subrogation’) from your auto insurance company that covers the towing vehicle (the vehicle you will be pulling the trailer with).  Usually these waivers are easily attainable from your insurance company at little to no cost.  This waiver is only for liability coverage for the trailer.  Additionally, we include a comprehensive and collision policy with all trailers that are rented so the unit will be fully covered all throughout your trip.  

For the motorhomes, you will be required to secure insurance through our insurance company MBA.  This is gained through submitting your license and driver information through our insurance portal and the addendum will secure you for comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance throughout your trip.  

Please note that insurance companies treat multiple incidents as multiple claims. If you have two or more accidents on your rental, each will have its own separate deductible.

This RV rental insurance offers comprehensive, collision and liability with a $1000 deductible for travel trailers and $1500 for RVs. The fees range from $10 per day for the trailers and $27 per day for the drivables.