Why You Should Rent an RV to North Carolina

Jayco Red Hawk

Spring RV season in North Carolina is here!

Spring and summer vacations are being planned! Have you ever thought about a North Carolina RV Rental?  Trying to decide the best way to make it to your destination? As someone who has done quite a bit of road tripping and flying in their life, here are 4 reasons why renting an RV is simply a better option than flying, especially if your planning a vacation to North Carolina, and not just during the summertime.1. It’s more cost efficient.Renting an RV is more cost efficient than flying. You can definitely take the whole family without having to worry about your plane tickets adding up. Since the RV includes room and board, you don’t have to worry about booking a place to stay, unloading luggage, or fitting your schedule to a hotel’s check in and out times. Also, whether you rent an RV or travel trailer, you have a vehicle to drive around in too! There’s no need to pay for a rental car. Finally, you won’t be forced to eat every meal out. You can easily bring and make food in your own space, which always helps keep the cost down. It is quite literally an all inclusive deal!2. It’s less hassle.This is a big one. You will always be on your own time. No waking up and rushing everyone to the airport. No worrying about where your bags are or what flight you are on. No standing in line at check-in, security, boarding, or baggage claim. Let’s not forget the major issue with flying, layovers, layovers, and more layovers. Again, you can do things on your own time and not be told whether or not you can leave you for your destination. You can also return home whenever you please, allowing you to be spontaneous with your trip! Adding in local gems and making spontaneous stops is what makes some of the best memories to be had while traveling. Further, having less hassle makes you less stressed and more able to enjoy your trip! For me, that makes all the difference in the world.3. It’s more comfortable.Speaking of being able to enjoy your trip more, you will be in your own private space the entire time. Who doesn’t want to feel the comforts of home while traveling? With renting an RV, you get to sleep in a bed just for you and made by you. You are also able to have more fun on the drive there and back because you get to play games and not worry about having to keep quiet or disturbing anyone else. You can bring whatever you want and whatever you may need. You won’t have to think about what’s allowed on the plane and what’s not, or what you need to buy once you get there. It’s your home away from home.4. It’s a better experience.This is my favorite reason. I grew up on road trips, and I am quick to say they are my favorite childhood memories. The amount of world that you miss when you decide to take a flight is too much. RV-ing helps you embrace the real spirit of travel. It enables you to live in the moment and make those memories you otherwise wouldn’t! Being able to see the different landscapes and quirks our country has to offer is priceless. I can tell you it’s something you won’t ever regret, especially if you’re sharing it with people you love.

So, add a North Carolina RV rental to your vacation plans! For practicality sakes, but also for the best quality trip.

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