RV Rental Fees & Deposit

Our No Hidden Fees Or Surprise Policy

At Open Road RVs, We don’t believe in hidden fees or nasty surprises. No “$99 prep fees”, mandatory cleaning fees or other extra expenses you didn’t see coming. You simply pay:

  1. Daily RV rental fee
  2. Drivable RVs include 100 free miles per day and 3 free hours of generator use per day. After that, mileage fees apply.
  3. Any optional items you select (see Optional Items as you price a specific RV)
  4. Applicable taxes

Note: There is 3-day minimum rental fee for any rentals.  

You will also pay a refundable security deposit ($750/trailers & $1000/motorhomes). This is refunded to you after you bring the RV back on time, in the same condition it went out. Things that might reduce the amount refunded include:

  • Miles or generator time beyond the allotted free amount or beyond the miles/generator paid for up front
  • Damage to the RV that occurred while in your care
  • Cigarette smoke, pet or other odors that require removal
  • Excessive cleaning required by us upon return. We expect to wash the linens, but a filthy or damaged RV will result in extra fees. The RV should be returned in the same condition it went out.
  • Late return of RV