Top 4 Reasons to Take your Family on an RV Vacation

Image of a family
One of the most exciting topics in my family, is the topic of where to spend our next vacation.  This conversation also adds a level of disagreement and possibly a little argument.  When everyone can’t agree on a cool place to visit or site to see, it can be hard to plan a vacation.  That’s when I got the idea to look into some options to visit multiple locations during one vacation to satisfy all family members.  After searching online for options, I came across RV rentals.  I went to all family members, giving them a region of the US, and asked them to choose one place each that they would like to visit.  After compiling the list, (and throwing one in for myself), I began to map out the trek.  The total trip would take 10 days, 2000 miles, and lots of great family time.  We drove and visited places all over the southeastern US.  We were able to see the coastlines of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida along with the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  There was laughter, fun, games, and joking throughout the trip.  If you have ever thought about renting an RV for the family or just looking to plan the next vacation, here are a few reasons why RV rentals make awesome family vacations:
  1. Multiple cities, sites and places to see during the vacation. When traveling to various hotels by rental car, it can get very tiring to haul luggage in and out of cars up to hotel rooms, just to check out the next morning.  With an RV, your hotel is your RV.  All you have to do is reserve an RV camp spot, hook up the RV, and you have an instant hotel.
  2. Lots of great family time. With all the busy things that go on in each other’s lives, it easy to forget to spend time with family.  When the whole family is together in an RV, it just seems like such cohesion and great bonding time.  Look for a nice and comfortable RV where everyone can relax well and just have a great time.
  3. Cost is less than a regular vacation. When booking hotel rooms, plane tickets, car rentals, or just using your own car, it can get very expensive to take the family on vacation.  When renting an RV, you have the cost of the RV per day plus a small amount to rent the RV campsite each night.  The travel and lodging gets very inexpensive compared to regular vacations.  That way, you just have to worry about food, drinks and gas outside of the rental expense.
  4. Make new friends and meet great people. At many campgrounds, it is very easy to strike up conversations with neighboring RVs.  There are people from all over the country (and world in some cases) to meet and maybe have a drink or s’mores with at the fire ring.

 These are some of the main reasons why I would recommend an RV rental vacation for a family.  There are many great things along the journey to see, hear, and taste.  Best of all, it is shared with the entire family while everyone is together enjoying each other’s company. 

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