RV Rentals Charlotte NC

Where Can I Go?

Where Our Rental Fleet Can Go

The point of an RV rental is usually to travel some distance and see new places, right? So where are you allowed to take our rental units, and where are they not allowed to go?

The answer to this is pretty simple, but has a few caveats. First, Mexico is not allowed by our insurance company. Other than that, the continental US, Canada and Alaska are all permitted, with the following requirements:

  1. Due to the road conditions often encountered in Alaska and Northern Canada, and the increased wear and tear that result, an additional fee of $.10 (ten cents) per mile will be assessed for all miles driven if the trip takes you to Alaska or Northern Canada.
  2. If you plan to travel to Alaska or Northern Canada, we also require that you provide roadside assistance coverage that includes towing of the RV or trailer to the nearest repair facility in the event of breakdown or damage/collision. We have a relationship with Coach-net that will meet these requirements for $12.00 per day.